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Accreditation Readiness Assessments

Currently accredited but want assurance as to the status of clinical, corporate, quality and risk management governance systems before your next assessment?

Regardless of size and or complexity of services, changes to standards and evidence requirements continue to be challenging. The pre survey assessment process includes options for a remote assessment, an on-site announced or unannounced assessment or a combination of options. A key deliverable is an assessment of the current status of clinical and corporate governance systems as with an assessment of the sustainability, capacity and capability of quality and risk management systems to meet not only organisation requirements but also accreditation requirements. This holistic approach provides for a comprehensive review, report, and recommendations.

The ideal time for a pre assessment review is approximately 6 months out from the actual assessment date. The process is designed to be both collaborative and educational and enables open conversations about risks and continuous improvement opportunities. Support through to assessment can also be provided.

Organizations undertaking pre survey assessments prior to a formal assessment report that the organisation, Boards, executive, management, and staff are more well prepared. Staff also confirm they have a better understanding of the standards and evidence requirements, the survey process and can speak more confidently to continuous improvement initiatives and outcomes. Evaluation of the assessment process used by GovernancePlus continues to show exceedingly high levels of satisfaction with ongoing client relationships maintained.

For more information on pre survey assessment options contact or Sandy Thomson 0407008289.

New to Accreditation Requirements?

There are a number of accreditation programs that have been developed for a range of industry needs. There are also a number of providers who are authorised to undertake accreditation assessments. The assessment process used by GovernancePlus provides advice as to the best solution to meet client needs. This is also predicated on any mandatory state or federal jurisdictional or other regulatory or contractual requirements.

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